Fast Immersion to Spanish
Beginning Level

Learning Language has designed a program that makes it fast and easy to learn Spanish where students have an advantage to be able to communicate in a short period of time.

Objective: To study the basic tenses in order to be able to communicate in past, present and future tenses, as well as commands, idiomatic expressions and phrases that will help to interact in life events such as work, business and traveling.

The course duration is 8 weeks, attending twice a week for one hour and fifteen minutes each session.The maximum number of students per class is 8. The classes are conversational, entertaining and time passes quickly.

● Course Price: $ 367.00
● Material: $29.00
● Duration: 16 sessions (1 hour and 15 minutes per session) 

Each Spanish class-instruction covers:
- Speaking and pronunciation development
- Listening comprehension
- Reading      
- Writing
- Practical exercises of real life events
- Grammar explanation

To register or for more information please call (661) 210-5038 or contact us.