One-on-one Spanish classes at Learning Language Spanish school in Los Angeles!

The best Spanish teacher for individual lessons!

Learning Language creates and provides all material for Spanish classes focused on what you will need to have a better learning experience.
Your Spanish Lesson will be personalized and guided by an experienced and qualified native Spanish speaker Instructor.

Spanish lessons and tutoring are customized to your unique needs.
You choose the time of the class at your convenience.
For business or for traveling, we offer all levels of Private Spanish Lessons in Los Angeles for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Our program offers Spanish lessons according to your needs, at our location in Los Angeles with an experienced native Spanish speaker Instructor.


Individual Spanish Classes Pricing (one student)
Number of Classes
(Class-session of 50 minutes)
Sessions per Week Cost per Course at Our Location

(Created by Learning Language)


Total U.S. Dollar
7 Upon your needs 296 Y $296
10 Upon your needs 399 Y $399
14 Upon your needs 532 Y $532
20 Upon your needs 739 Y $739
28 Upon your needs 1008 Y $1008
36 Upon your needs 1277 Y $1277

*The material is created by us, it is not a textbook.

Thinking of a different budget or payment options?

Just contact us and we will gladly discuss other options.
For 2 or more students (your own group) please contact us for rates. We offer a convenient group-class fee at our location.


Our intensive Spanish classes are designed to cover a specific number of session instructions in a short period of time. Our rate for intensive classes is the same as the individual Spanish classes mentioned above.
Please contact us and let us know your time frame for learning Spanish.

REFUNDS for Individual classes, intensive classes and group(your own/customized) classes: Fees are only refundable or creditable upon notice received within twenty-four hours subsequent to the first scheduled class. First received class will be charged. Learning Language offers rescheduling privileges to students (not for our group class students) who call by 12:00 p.m. one-preceding business day to reschedule the session; the maximum amount of sessions to be rescheduled are two sessions per every six scheduled sessions. Otherwise, the class will be charged.
Learning Language’s instructors are responsible for being on time to any scheduled classes, but if an emergency occurs and the instructor misses any session, Learning Language will provide the missed class on a different day. Learning Language will try to cover any class with a substitute instructor if the assigned instructor is not able to show up for the scheduled class, this applies if Learning Language is notified by the instructor with reasonable time. Should Learning Language not find a last-minute instructor, the class will be provided on a different day.

Our Office Location:
2370 Westwood Blvd. Suite H, Los Angeles CA 90064
Tel: (661) 210-5038