Edwin Portillo and Suzette Portillo

Founders' bio

Edwin Portillo and Suzette PortilloSuzette Portillo began her professional career in 1991 as Publicist and Public Relations Professional, and received her degree in Publicity and Public Relations from University Nueva San Salvador.

Suzette’s interests in Spanish language training dates back to her undergraduate years teaching Spanish to local residents who possessed a poor command of their native language.

Edwin Portillo began his professional career in 1991 by taking a position with the British pharmaceutical company Fisons. Edwin’s university pre-medical studies suited him well for the pharmaceutical business where he remained as Fisons’s Regional Manager for El Salvador through the take-over by the French firm Rhone Poulenc Rorer. Edwin received his degree in Publicity and Public Relations from University Nueva San Salvador.

Edwin’s interest in Spanish language training dates from a chance meeting his undergraduate years with foreign reporters covering the on-going civil war in El Salvador. Edwin soon found himself translating and proofreading news reports and tutoring the reporters themselves in appropriate Spanish pronunciation.

These early teaching experiences, combined with his business travel in Latin American countries on behalf of Fisons-Rhone Poulenc Rorer, provided Edwin with background and knowledge of vocabulary and nuances of accents in Spanish as spoken in Latin American countries that he continues to draw upon in his work today.

Suzette and Edwin made Spanish tutoring their full time job since 2002 and augmented schedule in Los Angeles by conducting beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups or one-on-one Spanish sessions for a variety of persons that included students, travelers, retirees, nurses, physicians, lawyers, and writers. Corporations currently employ Learning Language for group and private sessions for their executives and business associates who do business with and travel to speaking Spanish countries. Some of these companies include a recent work in the Hollywood Film industry was Spanish Voice Coaching for Bad Boys 3- Bad Boys for Life, NBC, NBC Universal, Sony Entertainment, FOX Studios, Liberty Mutual, Fandango, Telemundo, Univision, and SSP Aerospace. Film producers and directors utilized them to make their work in a foreign country a bit less foreign. Also, actors looking for a particular word pronunciation or a nuanced accent for a character from Chile, Argentina, Mexico or Guatemala, have found that they are able to give them the right sound.